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Gate Services

Garage door repair and installation isn’t all we offer, we can also feature repair and installation services for gates.

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    Gate Repair and Installation Lakeside CA

    Gate Repair Lakeside CA

    Not only do we do superior work when it comes to garage door installation and repair, but we also have a division that offers affordable expert gate installation for your home or business in the greater Lakeside area.

    We know that safety and security are a priority with you, and we’ll do whatever it takes to get your gate back in shape as quickly as possible without sacrificing quality.

    Our work is backed up with a 90-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee and we offer 24/7 emergency service. If your gate is down or if you would like to install a new gate, contact us today!

    Automatic Gate Repair

    Automatic Gate Repair Lakeside CAGates, posts, sensors and openers will wear down over time, and in those rare cases when your gate goes down, we’re here to help you get your gate back up and running as soon as possible! We work with all of the major gate manufacturers and our licensed technicians will respond quickly without cutting corners or doing inferior work. Contact us for more details!

    If your automatic gate at your business or home needs repair, don’t be surprised, especially if you use it frequently.  When your gate goes down for any reason, we’re here to help!


    Slide Gate Repair

    Slide Gate Repair Lakeside CASlide gates are extremely reliable, but when it goes off its tracks, or when the track is obstructed in any way, you need someone out to take a look at your slide gate ASAP.  We offer around the clock emergency gate repair, so call us and let’s get your sliding gate back in shape!


    Swing Gate Repair

    Swing Gate Repair Lakeside CASwing gates are great; they really add something to any location, but when they go down regardless of the reason, we’re here to quickly address the issue so that life at your home or business can return to normal as soon as possible!

    Security Gate Repair

    Security Gate Repair Lakeside CASecurity Gates bring next level security to your business. Each business has its own unique set of needs when it comes to safety and security and when the gate portion of that safety plan is compromised, then you can rely on us to restore the gate to its original working order.

    Gate Opener Repair

    Gate Opener Repair Lakeside CAGate openers are the muscles behind the automatic gate system. When the opener malfunctions in any way, shape or form, things can go awry really fast, and you need someone who can step in quickly and fix the problem in order to reduce the likelihood of damage or bodily injury.

    Gate Sensor Repair

    Gate Sensor Repair Lakeside CAGate sensors are incredibly important to your overall automatic gate system; they receive feedback via the light beam as to any possible obstruction that may be preventing the gate from opening and closing in a safe manner.  If they’re not working, there’s no telling what could be trying to pass through the gates, or stop the gates from closing on someone or something. The problem could be a quick fix or may require replacing the sensors. No matter what’s going on, we can help. Contact us for more information!

    Gate Intercom Repair

    Gate Intercom Repair Lakeside CAGate intercoms act as an electronic sentry, allowing you to screen people who want to enter your home or business, and relies on feedback from the speakers and the keypad before allowing someone to enter. When those parts aren’t working due to continual exposure to the elements, you need someone to fix the problem right away…and that’s (Company Name). Let us know how we can help.




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