garage-door-installationSo you’re having a garage door related issue. You go to your computer, or if you’re “kicking it old school”, you break out the phone book and you start looking for someone or some company. Some ads might include the fact that the technicians that they’re certified. What does that mean, though?

Being certified means that the technician has taken a seven-section, self-study exam through the Institute of Door Dealer Education and Accreditation, which is an organization not affiliated with any door company. It’s a proctored exam (which means that there’s someone watching the students taking the exam.)  It is a closed-note, closed-book exam of 200 true and false questions.  Like any other exam, you have to get a minimum score in order to pass the exam and receive your certification, and that minimum score is 70%.

This accreditation is only good for three years at which time they need to renew their certifications. At the end of that three year period, the technician needs to take additional courses to receive continuing education credits.

What are the benefits of having a certified garage door technician? Simply put, the technician has gone through the requisite training to safely install any type of door. When you have a friend or the neighborhood handyman that hasn’t been trained, although you might think they know enough in order to do a good job.

Would you leave your children in the hands of a teacher who doesn’t know English but has to teach English grammar? You need someone who is well-versed in door repair and can speak the garage door language fluently.

Make sure that you have someone who’s trained, certified, and is committed to continuing education showing up at your front door or place of business to do quality work.