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Welcome! We offer a variety of garage door repair services,
from rollers, to openers and much, much more!

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Garage door repair and installation isn't all we offer, we also have experience repairing and installing gates.

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    It’s morning.  You wake up, roll over in your bed and look at the alarm clock.  Your eyes bug out: you’re late!  You quickly roll out of bed, take a shower, throw your clothes on, and rush out to your garage, only to find out that the door won’t open.  You try everything you know, and it’s just not working.  This has just turned into your worst day ever.

    This doesn’t have to happen to you.  Or maybe this is what you get for ignoring the loud creaks in the springs, or the sluggish sensors.  Maybe your attention to detail when it comes to your garage door isn’t what it should be, and that’s OK.  You’re busy. You miss things. That’s why we’re here.

    Who are we?  We’re (Company Name) and we specialize in repairing and installing garage doors.  It doesn’t matter what challenge you’re facing, we can help you.  All you have to do is call and we can be there within two hours (based on availability)!

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    When garage doors stop working, it’s usually due to wear and tear over time.  Sometimes accidents occur.  It doesn’t really matter how it happened. You just need it fixed, and we’re here to take care of it.  Our technicians are bonded, certified, and insured, and we will provide the best service you could ever ask for.   We are here for you 24/7 and we offer a 100% money back guarantee.

    What are you waiting for?  Contact us today!   

    Garage doors are our bread and butter. That’s why it’s in our company name!  We have a smorgasbord of garage doors to choose from and we can also customize a door for you if that’s what you want!  

    We recognize that your garage door represents not only a significant investment, but also the value you place on your safety and security.  We value it too, and we will make sure that your garage door works the way it’s designed to before we leave the premises.  

    Some of our Services:

    Garage Door Spring Repair

    Garage Door Spring Repair Lakeside CAWhile you might have grown up playing with other types of springs, Torsion springs and expansion springs are not toys. Unless you have the background and expertise, you need to hire a garage door service to take care of them.  They are dangerous, and the force exerted by the coiling and uncoiling could have devastating consequences.

    Don’t put yourself at risk! Call us today to take care of your garage door spring needs!

    Garage Door Opener Repair

    Garage Door Opener Repair Lakeside CAGarage door openers come in four different flavors:  Jackshaft Drive, Screw Drive, Chain Drive, and Belt Drives.  Each of these openers varies in their ability to handle garage doors of varying weights and sizes.  They also vary in terms of their horsepower.  We work with all of the major garage door opener companies, including LiftMaster, and we’ll do everything we can to fix any opener before suggesting a replacement.  We’re here to take care of all your opener needs!

    Garage Door Roller Repair

    Garage Door Roller Repair Lakeside CARollers, which are made out of steel or nylon, help the door move up and down the tracks.  Sometimes the ball bearings need to be lubricated and switched out, and if you’re not sure how to take care of them, then call us. We want to be your go-to company for all of your roller issues!

    Garage Door Cable Repair

    Garage Door Cable Repair Lakeside CAGarage door cables work together with springs to ensure the safe and smooth raising and lowering of the door.  Garage door cables can unravel, become tangled, or jump off the pulleys.  While you may be able to take care of this issue, you can’t do it alone, and if you have any doubts as to what it entails, contact us and we make sure that your garage door cables are in perfect working order.


    Garage Door Panel Repair

    Garage Door Panel Repair Lakeside CAGarage door panels are designed to roll up and down instead of single sheet doors which fold up and down, reducing the need for clearance.  Garage door panels can be damaged due to accidents, use and abuse.  If the panel is dented, you may be able to tap it back into place, but if you can’t, then it may need to be replaced, and we can do that for you.

    We’re here to be the solution to your garage door panels.  Contact us right now!

    Garage Door Sensor Repair

    Garage Door Sensor Repair Lakeside CAIf it weren’t for garage door sensors, the garage door would move up and down regardless of anything obstructing its path.  Anything in its path would sustain major damage, or in the case of a human being, would be the victim of a devastating injury.  We’re extremely safety conscious and are committed to ensuring the health and safety of everyone in your home or business.  If your sensors aren’t working, call us immediately!

    Need Gate Repair?

    We offer repair and installation services for gates as well.
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